Can I get involved as a volunteer?

The African terrain poses great challenges to Westerners (change in diet, lack of communication, no privacy, limited healthcare infrastructure). The African co-workers also struggle with certain Western habits, such as smoking amongst others. Experience has taught us that it takes a great deal of energy and patience for both sides to constructively work together. We have therefore decided that for the time being, no European volunteers will be recruited.

We are organizing a private party/sponsorship event to raise money for the project. How do we get started? Will a tax declaration be foreseen?

Your gifts are welcome, and can be wire transferred to our KBC account number: 737-0170135-40 (IBAN:BE02 7370 170 13540, BIC: KREDBEBB). Please note that tax declarations are not offered for gifts transferred to this account.

If advance approval is obtained, an overview of the gifts made for a particular fund raising event can be obtained for tax purposes. For more information on the procedure, please contact: DMOS-COMIDE; attention: Jan De Broeck.

We would like to create awareness for the project at our school. Would Annemie be willing to come and speak?

We are supportive of awareness creating initiatives at school, and are grateful for your interest in the project. However, at the moment, Annemie’s schedules is very busy, and we are not able to respond positively to all unsolicited requests for visits. We will examine invitations on a case by case basis, and would encourage you to submit your requests.

With regards to funds raised at school events, please let us know if you would like the funds used for a dedicated purpose, so that we can take this into consideration.