The foundation

In 2006, a group mutual friends of journalist Annemie Struyf decided to set up a private Foundation to raise the funds necessary to purchase land, build the orphanage, and to cover the start up costs for the creation of a local network in the Kabondo area.

Today, the foundation Hope for Girls focuses on the fight against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Kuria. We work closely together with Visa Academy in Kuria, an anti-FGM-school.

The Board of Directors consist of four members: Michel Vanholder, Monique Van Nieuwerburgh, Annemie Struyf and Krisin Robeyns. They all work voluntary.

The Foundation has been formally in place since January 5th, 2006 with registration number is 878.447.935. The official decree and Board of Directors membership has been published in the Belgian Gazette.