Bezoek aan Hope Home

In april gaan we met het bestuur van Hope for Kabondo op werkbezoek naar Kabondo.
De voorbereidingen zijn nu druk aan de gang, want er valt veel te bespreken en te bekijken .
Er is natuurlijk op de eerste plaats Hope Home, ons weeshuis. Maar ook de landbouwproducten, de waterwinning, de bosbouw, het onderwijs, het schoolfonds, ons naaiatelier, het medische luik, enz enz. Altijd werk aan de winkel dus. Achieng zond ons alvast een uitgebreid verslag.
Hierbij enkele passages. Een voorsmaakje , een klein proevertje van het reilen en zeilen daar.


Hope home / hope farm family
The children are doing very well. The babies are all fine. In 2014 only one baby Erik was admitted in the beginning of the year. Latter from September three other children were admitted in hope farm. Two siblings homeless with a mother who lives and help in hope farm. One boy of three called Sunday has a mother who is mentally ill. She arrived the day I arrived back from Belgium. She had a huge luggage o so many kilos full of collections of all kinds besides twins who were both boys of six months old. She begged me to take care of the three for her but I advised her to go on breast feeding. They looked healthy despite the suffering, the daily migration of the mother from market to market.

She said for her the biggest challenge was Sunday whom she could not carry besides all the twins and the huge collection of rubbish. We helped her clean up the babies and herself and opened the bags that had arrived full of shoes, clothes and toys. She could choose for herself and her children some clothes and shoes. My eyes were filled with tears but when I saw the joy in her face I stopped feeling pity for her. In her own world may be she was so peaceful, but I think it was more the contrast between the ten hours flight back with the reality back home that bothered me most.

The health of the children with hiv is stable, but Joseph got TB for the second time and he got sick so often last year but now he’s stable. Miez who was already confirmed in the second test of six months got positive result lately. She is on drugs and doing much better. She was ill most parts of last year before it was suspected and tested that her immunity was compromised. They are now six of them and still live in hope home for close management. One of the nannies called Night is doing a great job in caring for them.
Home based care
Babies orphaned after birth but not admitted in hope home
1. Currently there are five children under this programme. The youngest is five months old. Arrangement is made with a family member who is supported by basic needs ie milk , clothes and cash to care for that baby within the family
2. This arrangement is best for the child and also in regulating the numbers at hope home. It also reduces the challenges of re integration
3. Its foreseen that in future this would be the first approach to helping a child and admission will be the last option.

Children who are back to families permanently
1 The children who are back are being followed up with support
2 23 in number of them continue to go to school within their villages. They are all doing well despite the normal challenges expected and the physiological, emotional challenges of orphan hood which comes as they grow up facing realities they never expected while in hope home. It’s our wish to continue to offer them the security they need to keep the confidence they have when they leave hope home. If a clear sustainable programme is set up for them, it may encourage other families to take back the children who are still abandoned in hope home without visits
3 The status of their education, which school, up to what levels, may be reviewed when you visit in April.
4 It’s a challenge to pay for all their needs without extra fund. Some are in private schools that need school fee, books etc.
5 Our support so far is limited to the basic needs only. Uniforms books pens bags and upkeep of sh 3000 a month.
6 This budget from our monthly overall budgets is now over stretched as more kids will join the group.
7 A proper planning and review is needed for the way forward noting that in 2015 we have not requested for such budget (school fund)


volunteering work/ collaboration ( Spring water project)
the work with expert volunteers like engineers without borders, solar, teachers, plumbers, etc are still highly recommended. We appreciate the efforts of Eric and company for the improved plumbing systems. Including Jason’s input. 2015 stated with big luck by Bart and co. coming over to bring water in time to the community. It’s a long drought that would see people without access to water. The water has been tested with kits left by Jason, its clean and good for drinking as it is. There are still other villages with unprotected springs that could benefit is an opportunity arises.


Anicks boutique
Antiques boutique continues to supply uniforms and clothes to hope academy and other schools. Adult’s clothes are also made here. Since the beginning 18 girls have been trained in dress making and 2 in making sweaters. No fee was charged except pieces of fabric for learning.
I have pictures which I will send by what’s up. The internet is too low to send together.
Next board visit.
Welcome. It’s a very short visit but however short it’s very nice for us too. Many things cannot be told in a report like this. It’s so nice that you are coming soon.